Ramsey Family Bay Area Session


There’s no better feeling than when a fellow photographer asks you to photographer their family. So when Lisa asked me to capture their fall family photos, I was super excited and honored! Lisa is the owner of Lisa Kathleen Photography and we became friends about a year ago on Instagram. She lives in the Bay Area in California and I often travel there to visit my family. So we planned her shoot while I was there for Thanksgiving. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful in the Bay Area the day of the session and Lisa introduced me to the most gorgeous location! I got there early to scout and all of a sudden the butterflies took over and I got a little nervous! That happens every time I shoot with another photographer. Will I look like I know what I’m doing? Will they judge my workflow! What if they hate the photos?! But as soon as their family arrived, the jitters went away. I felt an instant connection with Lisa and her kiddos and the whole session went smoothly! 

When I sent Lisa her gallery, this was her response:

“I didn’t want to say anything before because I didn’t want to scare you but my kids are AWFUL for photos. But they related to you and loved you and it made all the difference. You captured their little personalities perfectly.

I wish I could actually put into words what these photos mean to me. First photos of my family of five and first ones that both Mike and I have loved. Even the pics of Mike and I…I have never had a photographer take a picture of the two of us that I loved and I love these! THANK YOU!!!”

As nervous as I get, I absolutely loved documenting other photographers and their families! So if you’re planning a trip to Arizona, please reach out and let’s do a shoot together! 

Mom in rust colored dress walking while holding her two children's hands
Mother in rust colored dress hugging a her boy closely.
Young girl in cardigan running across a field.
Two image collage of parents kissing their children at their family session in Arizona.
Two image collage amily of five walking across a path with the ocean behind them, and two children walking across a field.
Mom walking away from the camera, holding a baby on her hip, and holding another child's hand.
Two image collage of a mom holding her baby, and father holding their older daughter.
Two image collage of a father playing with his children at their family session in Arizona.
Mom in rust dress holding up her baby near the ocean with a green field behind them.
Up close of a baby's face with her mama kissing her cheek.
Mom laughing with her young daughter in the golden evening light for their Phoenix family session.
Two image collage of a mom in a boho rust colored dress holding her babies.
Mom and baby with young daughter standing on a path with father and son walking up in the background out of focus.
Three small children sitting on steps at the bottom of the stairs in the sand.
Mom being hugged by her three small children with beautiful coastline nature behind them.
Family playing together near the coastline for their family session.
Mom kissing her baby's cheek at their family session.
Two image collage of two small children at their family photo shoot.
Mama in boho dress playing with her young baby in a lush field.
Mom in rust colored boho dress hugging her baby close.
Family of five snuggling close for their family session on the coast.
Young boy hugging his mom close, her hand on his cheek.
Woman in rust colored boho dress and man in button up shirt kissing with the ocean behind them.

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