I love making real connections with fellow women and mamas. That starts with you getting to know me here and deciding if we might be a good fit for each other!

I’m so happy you’re here!

About me

Most days, you can find me at home with my hair a mess, drinking a Starbucks peach green tea lemonade, and trying to balance mom and work life. I’m a wife to Zach and a mama to my two little minis, Amelia & Livi. I’m a rom-com lover, salted chocolate devourer, and master assembler of Ikea furniture. If I ever find a spare moment (which is rare), I LOVE to binge read a good book. Speaking of books, I’m a pretty open one! You might find me oversharing over on my Instagram stories but I like being honest and vulnerable. I feel it helps me connect with people on a deeper level, find things in common, and also helps people relax and feel comfortable being themselves around me. Which is definitely a plus when working with my clients!

My passion for photography grew after I had my first daughter. I became absolutely obsessed with taking photos of her. That lead to me getting a big girl camera and discovering I was also obsessed with capturing families connecting with one another. Getting those shots with real emotion that make your heart flutter or a tear to shed. After a few years in the business, that passion has been fueled by the gratitude and appreciation my clients have shown me. These moments are fleeting and I find it so special to be the one documenting them for people. 

Hey there! I'm Lauren! 

Getting those shots with real emotion that make your heart flutter or a tear to shed.

• AKA Livi Darling
• 3 years old
• Born in Austin, Texas
• Hates most fruit, sleeping through the night and missing mama
• Loves to play in water, Mickey's Hot Dog Dance, cuddle time and chasing each other around like dinosaurs


• AKA Honey Bunny
• 5.5 years old
• Born in Reno, Nevada
• My sweet, silly, sassy, and stubborn mini-me
• Hates being told no and not being center of attention
• Loves her sister, dancing, getting her hair done, swimming and video chatting with her grandparents


• AKA Daddy
• Grew up in California
• Graduated from UC Santa Barbara 
• Played Minor League Baseball
• Works for HubSpot
• Hates his feet touched, traffic jams, and the Kardashians
• Loves running, playing golf, cooking, music festivals, road trips and chocolate chip cookies


• AKA Mommy
• Grew Up in Michigan
• Graduated from Central Michigan in 2010
• Worked in professional sports for 10 years
• Hates coffee, movies with no endings and dentist appointments
• Loves beach vacays, Nutella crepes, music festivals, snowboarding and rainy days 


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