Lost Dutchman State Park – Shepherd Family


Lost Dutchman State Park is such an iconic spot in Arizona with sprawling desert, giant saguaros and the Superstition Mountains as the backdrop. So when Kayla said she wanted a location that gave off the Arizona vibe, I thought this would be the perfect spot! 

This park does require a $50 photography permit to shoot here plus a $7-$10 per vehicle entry fee. I’d say the fee is totally worth it but why don’t you take a look at the gallery below and decide for yourself!

On the day of Kayla’s family photoshoot, it was pretty cloudy but right as the sun was setting, the clouds parted just enough to give us an epic sunset sky! I’m a sucker for gorgeous skies and this night did not disappoint! 

I’m looking forward to booking more photo sessions at Lost Dutchman State Park! If this is the backdrop you want for your next photoshoot, head on over to my Booking Page to get on my calendar!

Family of three smiling at the camera with the beautiful backdrop of the Lost Dutchman State Park.
Family of three walking off into the sunset in Arizona.
Mom kissing her toddler who is sitting on the father's shoulders for their family photo session in Phoenix.
Mom kneeling down next to toddler with a sunset in the background.
Mom spinning around baby girl in an Arizona state park.
Baby girl with headband looking up into the camera wearing a linen jumper.
Dad in plaid holding up baby girl as she is laughing.
Dad holding his young girl close as she looks in to the camera for their session in Lost Dutchman State Park.
Family of three laying on a picnic blanket laughing together for their family photo session.
Family of three walking away from the camera with the desert backgound behind them.
Baby toddler girl on dad's shoulders while mom laughs with her. They are standing next to a cactus with a gorgeous sunset above them.
Family of three in front of a cactus with a gorgeous Arizona sunset above them.
Family of three laughing and playing together for their family session at Lost Dutchman State Park.
Woman holding her baby who is kissing the father who is wrapping them both up.
Blonde woman and man wearing a plaid shirt pose under a large cactus in Arizona with a beautiful sunset overhead.
Woman with blonde hair and man wearing plaid embracing with a beautiful sunset overhead.
Blonde mama kissing her baby's cheek as the baby looks into the camera.
Mom holding up her toddler and kissing her nose.
Dad throwing his baby toddler up in the air with a purple and orange sunset behind them.
Woman and man dipping their child down and everyone is laughing.
Dad holding up baby and leaning into mom for a kiss.

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