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Let me tell you all about the day I fell in love with Sedona!

I signed up for a styled shoot hosted by MacKenzie Pudenz where I would get to photograph a beautiful maternity family session. I was so excited to see Sedona for the first time and get some new content while I was up there! 

The drive up there, from where I live in Gilbert, Arizona is about 2.5 hours. No biggie! I actually enjoy getting to drive by myself and soak in the silent car without kiddos in the backseat crying or asking for snacks! I turned on my audiobook, and away I went. About an hour into my drive, it started pouring down! Lightning is hitting all around. It was a giant monsoon that seemed to last forever, and I thought our fun shoot was going to get cancelled. 

But all good photographers know…you never cancel for rain until the last minute.

Some of the best skies come right after the storm! So I continued on my way and luckily found the rest of the group when I arrived. The shoot was on! The rain continued on and off all evening but I used my handy dandy plastic grocery bag to cover my camera and went to work! 

We had the pleasure of photographing Aimee Jo and her family and they did not disappoint! She is a makeup artist in Phoenix’s East Valley so her makeup was flawless and she definitely had that pregnant glow…even in the rain! Her husband, Casey, was a doting husband and dad and didn’t complain at all which always makes our job easier as photographers. (It’s so hard to work with grumpy dads!) Their 2 year old son, Emre, was the sweetest little adventurer and cute! I mean like Baby-Gap-model cute! The whole family was beautiful, fun and total troopers dealing with the weather!

You know what else didn’t disappoint? The location!

My goodness it was some of the most epic scenery I’ve ever laid eyes on. The spot we were shooting at had incredible views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte along with 360 views of Red Rock Country. The hike was about 15 minutes from the parking lot, and fairly easy. I’ve since had kids ages 2-7 hike the path, but it is bit rocky so we just take it slowly heading up and down. 

I really can’t put into words how magical it is to shoot in Sedona. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves! I absolutely love photographing special memories for clients in such a special place. If you are looking to book a family, maternity or couples session in Sedona, please reach out to me via my contact page. I’d love to work with you!

Family of three sitting on a rock for their maternity session in Sedona, Arizona
Two stacked images, one of a family of three sitting on a rock with the Arizona scenery behind them, and the second of their son playing on the rocks while rain falls around him.
Family of three sitting on a red rock with Arizona background behind them.
Little boy in brown jumper and hat looking at the camera with his parents out of focus behind him.
family of three sitting on a rock in Sedona, Arizona with their son playing around them. Everyone is laughing.
Family sitting together and laughing for their maternity session in Arizona.
Family of three with mom in white dress, holding her pregnant belly, with the Arizona scenery behind them in vibrant colors.
Family of three laughing and playing during their maternity session in Arizona.
Mother leaning up to kiss her toddler who is on his father's shoulders.
Woman in white dress looking off into the distance, holding her pregnant belly, while her husband kisses her temple and holds their toddler on his shoulders.
Two photos focused on the toddler son during a maternity session in Sedona.
Toddler boy in brown linen jumpsuit and oversized hat looking into the camera with big eyes.
pregnant mother, holding her toddler who is wearing a hat, they are both laughing.
Pregnant mom holding her toddler in a hat. And second picture is husband's hands around her belly.
Woman in white dress spinning on top of a rustic overlook in Sedona, Arizona.
Mom in white dress, holding her pregnant belly on overlook with a beautiful scenic background behind her.
Pregnant woman in a white dress sitting on a red rock in Arizona for her maternity photo shoot.
Family of three walking along an overlook with the scenic Arizona background behind them for their maternity photo session.
Mom and dad laughing with their toddler out on a hike for their maternity session.
Man and woman embracing on a scenic overlook for maternity session, woman in unbuttoned dress revealing her pregnant belly.
Woman and man embracing for their maternity session. She is wrapped loosely in an unbuttoned dress.
Pregnant woman in a flowy, open dress, standing on an overlook with a gorgeous Arizona background in vibrant colors behind her.
Gorgeous expecting mom holding her belly in a loose dress with the Arizona scenery behind her.

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