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I was getting my hair done one day, when Sarah walked in the door and we struck up a conversation. Turns out she owns a salon in the same building and she was just about to have her 3rd baby girl! Since we both had two little girls, we immediately bonded over being girl moms. I mentioned I was a newborn photographer and she said she hadn’t booked anyone for her 3rd baby girl’s arrival yet. The timing of meeting her couldn’t have been any more perfect! We got her newborn session scheduled and I was so excited! I loved her vibe on Instagram & just knew her home would have the similar aesthetic.

We shot the session about 3-4 weeks after Roxie’s arrival. I always recommend this as perfect timing for lifestyle newborn sessions. Since I don’t do posed, wrapped babies – I’m less concerned about teeny, tiny sleepy babies. For my work, it’s more important to give mom some time to feel like herself again and for the family to be in a little rhythm as far as sleeping and feeding schedules go. It’s so much less stressful than in the immediate days and weeks after giving birth. Who wants to clean their home, get the whole family dressed and fix yourself with full hair and makeup when you just popped a baby out days before? Not me, that’s for sure!

I did my own newborn session with my youngest at 4 weeks postpartum and really enjoyed it! 

Sarah’s older girls, London and Stella, were absolutely obsessed with their baby sister. They wanted to hold her and take care of her and it was the sweetest thing. It really made me start to think I need a 3rd girl myself seeing the the bond that they shared. (I’m not sure my husband is on-board with that but never say never!)

I only take limited newborn sessions each month so if you’re looking to get on my calendar, please don’t hesitate to reach out as soon as possible!

New family of five sitting on the bed with their newborn.
Older sisters holding their new baby sister.
Two little girls kissing their new baby sister.
Small baby in a bassinet from session with Phoenix Family Photographer.
Two older sisters touching their baby sister in her bassinet.
Mom nursing a baby in the window.
Older sister kissing new baby's head while baby nurses.
Mom nursing a baby in the window.
Picture of a new family of 5 in a mirror in their living room.
Family of 5 embracing in the living room for their session with Phoenix Family Session.
Little girl holding her new baby sister on the couch.
New family of five sitting on the couch with the new baby.
Two young girls sitting on the couch with their new baby sister for session with Phoenix Family Photographer.
Young blonde girl looking at the camera over her new baby sister.
Two young girls sitting on the bed with parents and new baby in the background.
Two little girls jumping on the bed with parents holding new baby nearby.
New baby on her mom's lap on the couch.
New baby on her mom's lap on the couch.
New baby curled up on mom's chest.

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